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 Welcome to our Academy! We're very grateful that you have chosen to visit our website.  You can find all information on our courses, approach, teachers, guest lecturers, and workshops here.

Over the last few years, Cinact has developed itself into a unique organisation. There isn't a single similar organisation within the Benelux. Our basic principles consist of: knowledge, quality, perseverance, dedication, professionalism, and an encouraging atmosphere where you can work on your craft. These principles guarantee great results.  

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During your training you will receive masterclasses from : 

Spike Lee
Steve Martin
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There are several reasons to partake in an acting course: to become a professional actor, to develop oneself, to gain confidence, to entertain others, because you want to be in front of a camera, a love for film and TV, we can go on and on.  

Most acting courses in Flanders and Brussels are dedicated to theater, or are derived from theater training.  Which is why aspiring actors often struggle with acting natural on camera.  Knowing how to act naturally on camera is one of the most important steps in becoming a professional actor.  


Discover different

methods and approaches

Learn how to act

When is an actor succesful? When is an actor believable on camera? What is the key to being a good and honest actor? 

At CinAct we blur the line between acting and reality.  We teach you how to distance yourself from overacting and 'false' emotions. In order to do so we teach you how to use different acting techniques, methods and approaches.  That way we can help you can discover and develop your own acting style. 



 Submerge yourself

in the world of film & tv

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As a student you'd want to experience the fascinating world of film and tv. Sadly enough, most academies leave their students to their fate  and offer little to no support to students trying to achieve their goals. Therefore, we aim to ensure our students full support when trying to reach their dreams. We invite our students on set, offer them casting opportunities (when they arise), organise trips to massive international events and workshops such as the film festival of Cannes, Berlinale and even the Academy Awards.  

This is what makes our acting course so exclusive in Belgium. 


Receive guest lectures

from the best

At CinAct we find it incredibly important that our students are given as many opportunities as possible to build their skills and become familiar with those who've already proven themselves in the film industry.  We believe in a complete training.  Therefore, we often invite (inter)national actors, scenarists, and directors to teach an intensive workshop and crash course. When you enrolled at our academy, you get a monthly guest lectures and/ or Q&A given by a guest lecturer. Furthermore, we work closely together with some of the most renowned casting agencies of Belgium. 


Our Courses

Beginners Acting

Price: €599 *

Duration: 30 hours of class

+ 9 hours guest lectures by famous actors

Advanced Acting

Price: €599 

Duration: 30 hours of class

+ 9 uur guest lectures by famous actors

Expert Acting

Price: €599 *

Duration: 39 hours of class

+ 9 uur guest lectures by famous actors

*BTW not included
Full training course: 20% discount on the enrolment fee

Price: €1.437 * instead of €1.707 

Duration: 99 hours of class

+ 27 hours guest lectures by famous actors

Doesn't fit in your budget ? Ask for an installment plan via email

Attend a free class! Request an appointment via email!

Founder, actor and coach Abbas Fasaei will soon reprise his role in Iron Sky: The coming Race. Can you spot him?


Class schedule

Beginners Acting Brussels
When: every Saturday from 6 PM - 9 PM.

Where: Brussels


Beginners Acting Antwerpen

When: every Sunday from 10 AM - 1 PM.

Where: AED Studios
               Fabriekstraat 38 – 2547 Antwerp (Lint)

Advanced Acting Antwerpen
: every Sunday from 1 PM - 4 PM.
Where: AED Studios
               Fabriekstraat 38 – 2547 Antwerp (Lint)

Expert Acting Antwerpen
: every Sunday from 4 PM - 7 PM.
Where: AED Studios
               Fabriekstraat 38 – 2547 Antwerp (Lint)

Upcoming Festivals:

- Workshop Cannes Film Festival
12.05. – 19.05.2018


Guestlecturers & Guests of honor

Nic Balthazar
Genomineerde Regisseur en scenarist
Sahim Omar Khalifa
Oscar genomineerde regisseur
Christopher Morrison
acteur - regisseur - scenarist
Eric Godon
Johan van Assche
acteurs - bestuurslid Acteursgilde
Greg Timmermans
Peter Van den Begin
acteur - scenarist
Dirk van Dijck
Vincent Van Sande
Begir Memeti
Clara Cleymans
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Nic Balthazar is a Belgian film director and TV/radio personality. He directed and wrote:  Ben x, Everybody happy, the big ask, tot altijd. 

Not too long ago he taught a 5 hour long workshop to our students. 

Recent Workshops

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