Acting course for kids

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Ages 8 - 16

Our acting course offers kids and teens the opportunity to develop themselves as real entertainers. They will be trained in drama, singing, and dance by a team of professionals. 

Our curriculum includes:

- Different acting methods (Method acting, Meisner, Stanislavski)

- Audition training

- learning how to act with a script

- Improvisation

- Vocal techniques

- Dance

- And so much more

The course is taught in Dutch however, if requested, we can provide English scripts.

A year

Price: €2350

Duration: 129 hours of class + 36 hours of guest lectures by famous actors.

3 months

Price: €675

Duration: 30 hours of class + 9 hours of guest lectures by famous actors.


Price: €195

Duration: 10 hours of class + 3 hours of guest lectures by famous actors.


After completing the Kids Acting course, you'll be able to use different acting techniques and control your emotions. You'll also have a learned different dance and vocal techniques. 


After successfully completing the exam at the end of the course you will receive a certificate Kids Acting™. The certificate will highlight your strong suits!


Our teachers have years of experience within the world of film, as both teachers as actors. Our quality of teaching also reflects their years of experience. 

* only valid when enrolled for a minimum of a year.


The team of experienced coaches will help you discover and develop your own talent. Through this course you won't just become a far greater actor, you'll become an all-round entertainer. 

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