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CinAct proudly announces that our courses are taught at the beautiful AED Studios, the biggest filming studio of the Benelux. 

It's the perfect location for our acting classes. Which shouldn't come as a surprise as they have almost everything we could possibly dream of. 

Several films and TV series were filmed here, such as: The Fifth Estate, Grace of MonacoIron Sky 2 - the biggest sci-fi production in the Benelux - and many more. 


We're also extremely proud of the fact that we're the only acting school that's allowed to teach at AED studios. 

'It brings us great joy to be able to teach our students in such an inspiring environment,’ adds Abbas. 'Seeing the positive impact our classes and workshops have on someone's life is such a powerful and beautiful thing. The joy you feel when you can see others grow through hard work is indescribable.’

AED Studios

Fabriekstraat 38

2547 Lint (Antwerp)




20 Boulevard barthélémy

1000 brussels




21E Vijfwindgatenstraat

9000 Ghent

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