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 Welcome to our Academy! We're very grateful that you have chosen to visit our website.  You can find all information on our courses, approach, teachers, guest lecturers, and workshops here.

Over the last few years, Cinact has developed itself into a unique organisation. There isn't a single similar organisation within the Benelux. Our basic principles consist of: knowledge, quality, perseverance, dedication, professionalism, and an encouraging atmosphere where you can work on your craft. These principles guarantee great results.  

Het CinAct-team



Abbas Fasaei

Actor - Director - Producer


Drez Cox

Actor - Artist - Writer

My only goal is to pass on my experience and knowledge to others so that they can also realize their dreams. The essence of acting is what I pass on to my students.

My goal is to use my knowledge and experience to inspire as many people as possible and to work on their personal development by using acting techniques. This way they can develop into the best version of themselves.

ruben foto website 1_edited.jpg

Ruben Franck

Actor - Drama & English Teacher

Ruben himself graduated from Cinact a few years ago. Since then he has attended numerous workshops at home and abroad. You can see him in series such as Dertigers, and numerous short films. His expertise in English allows him to also guide students with international ambitions.

kelly foto website.jpg

Kelly Eeckelaert

Pediatric counselor for children and adolescent psychiatry

Excited ... Furious ... Printed ... Content ... Pride ....: exploring that rich inner world and finding expressions for what lives there: that's what it's all about for me. And I can't think of a better channel than pure fun and free expression!


Basics & Fundamentals

Master the fundamentals

Here you learn step by step the basics & fundamentals you need as an actor.

Script analysis

Learn to analyze a script

Here you learn everything about interpreting a script. From the beat to the subtext.


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