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Cinact Academy


Specially created for those who want to take acting a step further. The lessons are divided into 4 different subjects, each with a final test. After passing all 4 courses you are all set to start your journey as a professional actor!

“Acting is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.”

Sanford Meisner

Subject 1:

Basics & Fundamentals

The focus during the first course is on; sensory work, relaxation, basic emotions, and animal work. These 4 focus points are crucial for a good foundation for acting. Sensory work is an acting technique that helps actors recall physical sensations and thus react in a truthful way during a scene. In order to do this, an actor must be able to relax completely, which is why the second fundament is relaxation. Furthermore, each actor must be in sync with their emotions and how you can control and evoke them. Before you can switch to the second course, you have to master the basics and fundamentals of acting. That is why at the end of the first course there is a test that everyone takes in which all phases of sensory and emotions are covered.

Basics & Fundamentals


Subject 2:

Script analysis

Course 2 focuses entirely on script analysis. This means that we work on different memorization and interpretation methods. You will learn how to find the beat of a script, how to dissect a scene, what the action and objective of the scene is, and how to find and use subtext to create a believable scene. The method used to teach script analysis is based on that of Michael Margotta, one of the best acting coaches out there.
Just as with course 1, you have to take a test before you can continue on to course 3. The test for script analysis is a credible deliverance of a monologue or dialogue.

Script Analysis


Subject 3:


The third course focuses entirely on Meisner. The Meisner technique focuses on getting the actor out of their heads so that the actor behaves instinctively to the surrounding environment. What do you learn? Improvisation, how to listen to your scene partner, how to act out a scene with script in hand, and how you can evoke and reinforce different emotions by repeating a single sentence.
At the end of the third course you will have to present a scene.



Subject 4:


Finally, auditions. The focus here is on live auditions and self-tapes. For the live auditions you learn, among other things, how to prepare; what do you do in advance? What do you do with the text you just received?… What you do during the audition and what you do after the audition. For the self-tapes, we will go over the necessities, what you should pay attention to technically, how to write an email to a casting director/agency, etc. Since auditions are the last course, you should be a well-rounded actor at this point. Therefore, the last test an audition before a jury.

Photo Studio



Practical information:

When do the lessons take place:


From 10 am to 10 pm.
* Each lesson lasts 3 hours.



Where do the lessons take place:

Fabriekstraat 38, AED Studios, Lint


How many lessons per course:

10 lessons per course



Per course:

€ 599 + VAT

Each of the courses can be taken up separately. You can therefore choose to only enroll in fundamentals & basics, for example.


For the 4 courses:

€ 2000 + VAT

You can also choose to take all four subjects, from fundamentals to auditions.


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