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Oour crash courses

Do you want morelearn about the movie world, but can't you spend months of training on it or are you curious if cinema is something for you? Then you can register for one of ourscrash courses, where you clickonly a few days timelearn a lot thanks to aintensive programwhich has been specially developed to provide students with afast paced many new skillsto learn!

Crash courses write scenarios

Price:395 euros (ex. VAT)

Expensive:3 cursusdagen , 8 hours a day


Let's be clear: although some (mostly cheap) productions sometimes break the rule, in the west there is only one internationally recognized format for writing TV and film scripts. There are several reasons for this, by the way: all professionals immediately know what to expect, it makes everything easier for the crew, actors have learned what to look at and a page usually magically corresponds to 1 minute of filming, making it easier to estimate the length of a TV episode or a movie.

However, it is not enough just to learn how to use the right format: it is of course also important to write a screenplay with intriguing, three-dimensional characters, engaging dialogues and a storyline that evokes the right emotions in the viewers.._cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Features course

During this three-day course you will learn all the above elements of 'scriptwriting' in an understandable and fun way. There is room for questions, discussions, exercises, viewing reading and visual material and preparing to write your own TV series, short film or feature film. In addition, you will receive optional evening assignments that will give you guidance when developing your own script. If you wish, you can also follow a private trajectory afterwards.

During these crash courses, some of the following topics are covered:

•    Characters:How is the screenplay influenced by the characters?
•    Events:How do the events guide the story?
•    Actions:How do the actions of the characters determine what happens next in the series or movie?
•    Brainstorming techniques and creativity:In what ways can you come up with unlimited ideas?
•    Concept development:How do you develop the premise of your film or series?
•    Character Development:How do you create interesting characters?
•    Story structure:How is a film or series put together?
•    Overview sequences:Overview of the building blocks of a film or series.
•    Scenes:How do you make each scene important and original?
•    Emotions:How do you evoke the desired emotions in the viewers?
•    Genre:Why and how do you classify a film?
•    Theme:How do you create a storyline that touches your audience?
•    Subplots:Why are subplots important and how do you add them to the storyline?
•    Story Techniques:How do you create and maintain tension and logic in your story?
•    'Iceberg' Story Technique:How do you keep the audience curious?
•    Analysis film: How are these techniques used in existing films?
•    Format:What does a screenplay look like?
•    Writing style:How do you write a screenplay?
•    Describe scenes:How do you describe the actions in a scenario?
•    Exhibition:How do you process 'exposition' in flashbacks and dreams?
•    'Narrative voice':With which voice do you write a screenplay?
•   Write  Synopsis and logline:How do you write a concise summary and a synopsis?
•    Rewrite:How do you adjust your script according to your own insights afterwards and feedback from 'script doctors', producers and other professionals?
•    Working in team & feedback:How do you give useful and constructive feedback?
•    Success is a habit:How do you make writing a habit?
•    Dialogs:What is the difference between good and bad dialogues?
•    Dialogue Techniques:What are dialogue writing techniques?
•    Pitch:How do you pitch your scenario to professionals?
•    Production:What are the avenues you can take to see a script go into production?


No prior experience is required

Immersive Crash Course Filmmaking

by International DoP Director Tiago Mesquita

enrollment:1,125 euros

Length:25 hours, spread out over a 5-day period

Are you a film amateur or have you been bitten by the cinematographic virus? Are you passionate about acting and spending time on set? Do you like to show what you're capable of behind the cameras in various capacities or in front of a camera as an actor?  Are you also interested in expanding your field and learning more about the art or movie making? Do you want to be ready to make your own high quality short film or even your own full length feature film? If so, this filmmaking workshop is your golden ticket! Additionally, if you preregister BEFORE the 27thof March 2017, we'll make sure to reward you with a great welcome gift!


About the Crash Course


In just five days, you'll be able to gain a tremendous amount of knowledge about both the artistic and the practical aspects of filmmaking: cinematography, directing, story, film pre-production, production and post-production.

The participants will have hands on exposure to wonderful film tools, used in the best film sets, in the various departments.

This crash course focuses on both the artistic and technical aspects of camerawork, lenses, lighting and painting with light, cameras, camera movements (dolly, jib, stabilized  and fluid camera movements, aerial), Directing (artistic and technical, preparation and practice) directing the crew, directing actors, directing the story, manipulating and eliciting emotion, precision and clarity in directing, strategies to effectively inspire the team and all the collaborators, story and screenwriting (from the page to the screen), telling stories through moving images, how to unblock and inspire actors, and more.


Maximizing emotion on the screen, intimate connection with the audience, optimizing suspense, thrill, adventure, comedy, drama, beauty and wonder, conflict, fear and grabbing the audience by their guts, elements of post-production like editing, sound, music in film, color grading and final outputs and deliverables of movies for film theatres. You'll be able to familiarize yourself with the entire process a film has to go through up to appearing on the big screen, from writing, pre-production till distribution.


Our crash course is of interest to beginners as well as professional film makers: beginning students will learn about the Key most important and essential film tools and techniques that will inspire and nourish their entire careers, while experts will be able to seriously deepen their knowledge and understanding under the tutelage of a teacher with such remarkable versatility, an unique combination of high level artistic and technical knowledge in a multitude of film domains, the greatest personality and humour, as an active professional within the film industry.

About the teacher

Our teacher is none other than Perry de Loor, writer of acclaimed short films, corporate films, commercials, docudramas, television series and even Hollywood projects.


After obtaining his Masters in audiovisual arts, this likeable and passionate screenwriter-director studied at the prestigious New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. He took lessons and master classes with famous screenwriters and gurus such as Robert McKee, Scott Meyers (K-9, Zorro, K-911)and Aaron Sorkin (The West Wing, The Social Network).

De Loor has been a story analyst for over 50 short films and 5 feature films and acted as a producer for Oscar-nominated production house Vivi Films (Les triplettes de Belvilles, Weekend aan zeeandQuixote's Island), where he developed several leading short films:Les choses en face, TriskelionandThis No Country. His services were hired for three years by the International Film Academy of Film & Television where he taught screenplay and directing. He also provided script consultancy for three full-length films, wrote and directed advertising films for companies such as Unilever, McDonald's and Arkite and, as a screenwriter-director, has directed titles such asIn her labyrinth(with Chris Lomme, Kristin Arras, Lien Van de Kelder, Andrea Cronnenberghs and Jenne Decleir),Louis(with Louis, Ivan Pecnik, Joke Devynck and Jenne Decleir) andThe Toog(with Roos Van Acker, Rik Torfs, Herman De Croos, Lotte Pinoy and Rick De Leeuw) to his credit. In addition, he developed a number of short film projects at film giant Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

About Our Teacher


Our instructor? No-one other than internationally renowned director/producer/director of photography Tiago Mesquita! Tiago has worked with the biggest stars Hollywood has to offer, such as John Malkovich (Dangerous Liaisons), Ryan Gosling (La La Land), Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men), Ernest Borgnine (The Dirty Dozen), Steven Lang, Steven Seagal (Under Siege), Billy Zane (Titanic), Brad Dourif (Lord of the Rings), Lindsay Lohan (mean girls), James Earl Jones(Star Wars), Alan Arkin (Argo) and many others. All of them were, at different times in their respective careers, nominated for Academy Awards or other prestigious film awards, and have been captured by Tiago's camera, as evidenced by his impressive IMDb profile.


After graduating from the Los Angeles Film School with honors, Tiago was granted a full Masters scholarship for the film directing program of the trendsetting American Film Institute, among several other top courses and mentorships. He is proud to call some of the twenty-first century's most influential film makers his personal mentors.


As an artistic centipede and renaissance man, our teacher also obtained a law degree and studied piano and guitar at the conservatory of music. He has been practicing several major martial arts styles for over 25 years. To top things off, Tiago also became a Cinequest laureate, succeeding as the winning director of these prominent film directing awards. He taught directing, cinematography, film production and post production and music at the Carl Orff Institute and made music videos for the likes of Slash, Tania Tucker, Brazilian legend Gilberto Gil, Coolio and many other world stars. Currently, he heads the film production company Crafted Films.

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