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Our courses exist of 3 modules catered to different levels of experience: Beginner, Adanced and Expert. When you enroll at our academy for the first time, you'd usually start with the Beginners Acting Course. If you already have acting experience, you may start with the Advanced Acting Course however, do keep in mind: due to our unique curriculum which covers several acting methods, NLP, Ericksonian speech, Facial Action Coding System and more, the odds are very slim that you've seen the material before! Our courses on Saturday in Brussels are taught in English. We also offer courses in Dutch and French.  If you'd like to prepare a scène in a different language, please let us know! 

Doesn't fit in your budget ?  Ask for an installment plan via email!

Prijs: 599 euro ( excl. btw ) 

Duur: 30 uur les + 9 uur gastles


Onze ervaren acteerdocenten helpen je om je eigen talenten snel te ontdekken en deze nog krachtiger naar buiten te laten komen. Dankzij deze cursus zal je overtuigender en geloofwaardiger acteren. 

Kenmerken cursus

Na het volgen van Beginners Acting Course, ben je in staat om verschillende acteertechnieken toe te passen en je eigen emoties beter te controleren.

Na het afleggen van het examen aan het eind van de cursus, ontvang je een Certificaat Beginners Acting™

Al onze docenten hebben jarenlange ervaring met de filmwereld, met acteren en met lesgeven. Die zie je dan ook terug in de cursus en in de kwaliteit van ons werk.

Heb je al veel ervaring en vind je dat je de Beginners Acting Course kunt overslaan? Laat ons dat zeker weten, dan kijken wij of je mogelijk al meteen met de gevorderdencursus kunt beginnen. Omdat onze aanpak uniek is, raden we iedereen echter aan om minstens een lesdag door te brengen bij de beginnelingen—de kans is groot dat je zult merken dat je er toch van bij het begin wil bij zijn!

Beginners Acting Course

Price: 599 euros ( excl. btw ) 

Duration: 10 classes + 2 guest lectures . 3 hours 1x per week


Our team of experienced teachers will help you discover and develop your talents. Through this course your acting will become more convincing and natural. 

Characteristics of the course

After completing the Beginners Acting Course, you'll be able to use different acting techniques and control your emotions. 

After successfully completing the exam at the end of the course you will receive a certificate Beginners Acting™. The certificate will highlight your strong suits!


Our teachers have years of experience within the world of film, as both teachers as actors. Our quality of teaching also reflects their years of experience. Already have a ton of experience? Let us know and we'll discuss whether you can instantly enrol in the advanced acting course. As our approach is unique, we do advise everyone to start with the Beginners Acting Course — odds are you won't want to miss anything! 

• different famous acting techniques

• Meisner technique

• Method acting

• Basic principles of neurolinguistic programming applied to acting

• Basic principles of Facial Action Coding System (famous from Lie to Me), applied to acteren

• guidance during audition training 

• basic stage fight techniques 

• introduction to presentation techniques 

• cold reading from a script

• learning how to act with a script

• introduction long-term improv

• introduction improvgames

• how to recognise body language

• basic vocal techniques

• full photoshoot-package

• crashcourses and guest lectures from famous actors and directors 


No experience necessary


Advanced Acting Course

Price:  599 euros  ( excl. btw )

Duration: 10 classes + 2 guest lectures . 3 hours 1x per week


You'll get the chance to partake in a intensive acting course which will match your level of experience. If you've already followed an acting course in the past, we offer you the opportunity to expand your knowledge. 

Characteristics of the course

Our experienced teachers will bring out the best in each and every individual. Whilst doing so we listen to your specific questions, needs and goals. 

As with all our other courses, the focus is put on acting for film and television, however, even if you want to further develop your improv skills, you'll find that you'll be able to do so during our course. 

We don't just discuss your performances on camera and stage, you also learn more about both the national and international entertainment industry. 

After successfully completing the exam at the end of the course you will receive a certificate Advanced Acting™. The certificate will also highlight your strong suits!

• extended knowledge of acting techniques

• expand your knowledge of the Meisner technique

• advanced method acting techniques

• expand your knowledge of neurolinguistic programming 

• recognising micro-expression using the Facial Acting Coding System

• advanced cold reading from a script

• immersing yourself in a role and script

• acting without a script

• how to bring a monologue to life

• long-term improv

• discover new stage fight techniques

• the importance of improvisation when building a character

• extended knowledge of body parts, contrasting messages, analysing personalities

• improving your vocal techniques 

• full photoshoot-package

• crashcourses and guest lectures 


Expert Acting Course

    Price: 599 Euros ( excl. btw ) 

Duration: 10 classes + 2 guest lectures . 3 hours 1x per week


You'll be able to develop and use the different acting techniques during a real scène, in group. During which you will receive personal feedback in an encouraging, active and creative atmosphere.  

During the expert course the focus is put on your approach to acting and how you can build a believable and real character. As well as further improving your skills, qualities and competences. 

Characteristics of the course

You will act in synergy with the behaviour of your co-actor and react naturally. You will discover the key to acting naturally, you'll be able to completely immerse yourself in a role. Just like the extremely talented Robert De Niro and Al Pacino, you'll become an expert! 

After successfully completing the exam at the end of the course you will receive a certificate Advanced Acting™. The certificate will also highlight your strong suits!

• intensive training on how to build a character 

• studying a scene according to the meisner technique

• specialising in method acting

• become an expert in recognising emotions through the recognition of micro expressions (F.A.C.S.)

• Advanced knowledge of stage fighting techniques, stunts, and other choreographies for film and TV 

• scripting 

• intensive exercises to put your extended knowledge in practise 

• the secret to memorising long monologues 

long-term improv

• learning how to react from impuls and intuition. how to create something from nothing through improvisation. 

• how to interpret more than 202 body movements

• to create a certain atmosphere through body language 

• Complete Vocal Techniques

• dialects

• role play

• guidance with auditions & becoming a professional actor

• guidance with short movies 

• analysis of your performance 

• networking for professional actors

• full fotoshoot package

crashcourses and guest lectures

Private course

Price: 1500 euros (1 private teacher) 

Duration: 30 hours of class

Want to get some extra coaching? Want to focus on a specific aspect of acting but there's not enough time to do so during the regular course? Do you have personal issues you'd rather discuss in private? Or you just don't feel ready to work in group. Our teachers are all available for private lessons tailored to your specific needs! 

Yearlong course

Price: 2000 euros (excl. btw)

Duration: 1 year

Would you rather enrol for a full year instead of enrolling fo the different courses every few months? Now you can! Starting January 2020, you can enrol for a yearlong course. You can attend all classes and guest lectures organised by Cinact for a full year! 

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